Who’s Ready for OpenID

I am surprised that most of my techie friends are still not aware of OpenID and its existence. So I decided to start up with a very brief introduction on OpenID, and will move on talking about some of its issues and how we can ultilise OpenID.

OpenID is a single digital identify that allow users to log on to different web sites without the need for different user name and password for each site. The idea of one identifier can potentially saves Web2.0, rescue web users from endless registration forms.

Web user only needs to register with any OpenID identity provider (IdP). Since OpenID is decentralized (unlike Facebook Connect), web users can choose to register from IdP such as:

You can find a complete list of all IdPs from OpenID directory.

Up to today, there are over 600 websites that support OpenID. Blog webmasters are recommended to enable OpenID in their blog instead of forcing web user to register. Again, you can find complete list of web sites that support OpenID from OpenID directory.

Here’s a sneak peak on the big players who’s in the game:

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